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Who are we?

Electrofreezer, which was established in 1965 by Agâh Necat and Ahmet Buzlukcuoğlu with a small repair shop within the city walls of Nicosia, and laid the foundations of the production facility on the Gönyeli Güzelyurt Main Road, which will produce all types of industrial and commercial refrigerators and cold and frozen storage rooms in 1978, is today established on its own land. It produces with high technology and quality with its experienced technicians in its production facility with a closed area of 1,500 m2 with warehouse facility. The company also has a sales store in the center of Nicosia.

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Our Mission

To create value for our customers by offering solutions that will protect and/or display food and beverage products in a healthy and delicious way, with the most appropriate quality and price balance.

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Our Vision

Constantly growing with new breakthroughs; To be a company that keeps the satisfaction of its customers, employees and shareholders at the highest level, be a leader in target markets in the world, achieve business excellence, and creates value for society and the environment.